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Once you take your fingers out of your vagina, follow the trail of your genitals a bit lower. Right under your vaginal opening is a flat length of skin called the perineum (pair-ee-nay-uhm).

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hi im only 15 and not sexual active but i have found two lumps on the inner walls of my vagina, the first is soft and a weird texture at the front and the second is hard and big at the back they arnt far up though. i have also been getting flu symptoms such as: bad chest/throat swolling glands and irregular periods. i am worried and dont know

Lopsided Vagina: 9 Different Labia Shapes, Colors, and Sizes

Find out whats normal for a vagina, including size, colour, labia, itching and vaginal discharge.

Innies & Outies: The Vagina, Clitoris, Uterus and More

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Brown Discharge from Vagina: Why and What to Do | MD

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When people mention vaginal appearance (lopsided or otherwise), they’re usually talking about the labia, or “vaginal lips.” The fleshy outer lips of your vulva are known as the labia majora.

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vagina texture
The hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. It sometimes can be torn or stretched during a woman’s first experience with sex (usually through sexual intercourse) or because of tampon use, sporting activities, or medical procedures. Not every girl is born with a


Brown Discharge from Vagina: Causes and Treatments Most brown discharges from vagina are harmless. Light brown discharges usually go away on their own; dark ones can be more serious and should be checked out.

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Voila! The Vagina Monologues transcript is here for all you fans of the Eve Ensler play. The entire dialogue script, all the quotes, the whole shebang.

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vagina texture
Ways to drive a woman wild in bed 1 Stimulate her G spot - and her "A spot"! You know about her G spot, Im sure. Its that sensitive area of tissue that lies just inside her vagina on the upper wall as she lies on her back, about two inches inside.

Bikini waxer reveals the five different types of vagina

In mammals, the vagina is the elastic, muscular part of the female genital tract. In humans, it extends from the vulva to the cervix. The outer vaginal opening is normally partly covered by a …

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White discharge from the vagina is confusing because depending on the texture, it can mean a couple different things. Some are good, some aren’t so good.